Oct. 4th & 5th – DUNG play Sandakan, Sabah


Anarchy Again Compilation Tape 1995


Back in the early 90s, Joe’s pen-pal Ernesto flew all the way from SOuth Africa to meet up with the Malaysian friends. When he went back to Hout Bay he put out two tapes featuring Carburetor Dung. One was a split-tape featuring DUNG’s live tracks coupled with a South African punk band called DIMINISHED RETURN. The other tape is this one, an international compilation featuring one song from us, “You’re A Problem”, taken from the Songs For Friends album.



Songs For Friends – Basic Tracks Tape


So we found this tape from way back 1993, the days when we were working on our first album. All the 14 songs recorded in May 1993 are here, but rough-mixed as basic tracks; meaning only featuring drums, bass and guitars; no vocals or guitar solos – that is apart from one song “Labour of Hate” which features Joe’s vocal guide.

We found the mix on this tape and it’s overall sound much clearer and well-balanced than the actual album (which was put out back in September 1993). Joe has always think the proper release features very badly tracked vocals and uneven backing vocals. The final mix is also draggy, it is as if something went wrong during the transfer; the sound seems stretched and warping somehow. Back in the day, we thought it’s because of the way we down-tuned the guitars. We forgot how low it is; probably C!

Anyway, here are two tracks we digitized from it, both put up bandcamp without any tweak.

We believe we could do something with this. It’s finally a chance for us to rework the album according to what we want, 21 years later! Our original vocalist Shahlan and lead guitarist Pari could get back in the studio and track their parts, and thus prepare it for a rerelease. We’ll shall see.

Found! Voice of a Generation Gig 1996 Tape


This is a tape made by the band in 1996; one side showcasing DUNG playing at the fabled Piccadilly Disco, Damansara Jaya and on the other side, a live in-the-jamming-studio session recorded a day before the show.

Not professionally recorded, mixed or mastered; we believe this is originally captured using a Sony Walkman cassette recorder, thus the sound is very raw indeed but at a good level which could be mastered proper if we want to.

Copies of this tape were distributed to friends in 1996, complete with covers and tape labels. It was never pro-duplicated or anything like that. At the time Joe had a double-deck cassette player which he used to write songs and also do mix-tapes, so we are sure copies were made on that machine. We also believe there were about 20 copies ever made.

What we found here is the master copy of the release, and it’s in quite a good shape.


Voice of a Generation Gig – Live at Piccadilly – January 14th 1996

Lee – vocals + Joe Kidd – guitar + Shahlan – guitar + Fendi – Bass + Ollie – drums

Tape is a Sony Super EF C-90

Side A

01. Hole
02. Payday
03. Alive
04. Oppression
05. Carburetor Dance
06. Happy
07. The Line
08. Our Voice / The Flag
09. Do Nothing (with Megat ACAB)
10. Boo Hoo Clapping Song

Side B
*recorded live while jamming at the I-Cat Studio, Bangsar, round 12 midnight to 2 AM on Jan 13th 1996.

01. Boo Hoo Clapping Song
02. Do Nothing
03. The Line
04. Hole
05. Happy (unfinished)
06. Alive
07. Payday
08. Oppression
09. Our Voice / The Flag
10. Our Voice / The Flag


notes on the sleeve:

Lee strangled himself.
Joe used Fender Telecaster, Metal Zone & Marshall amp.
Lan used Steenburger guitar, Boss distortion & a crappy amp.
Fendi used a borrowed bass & some cool amp.
Ollie drummed left handed.

Got paid 400 bucks + a free RM50 AC/DC transformer.
*lack of time made us skip Don’t Wanna Be You
Megat ACAB helped on Do Nothing
Joe sang alone on Our Voice / The Flag
In the audience: Karen Quah (swooon!) & Isyam & Kam R
Thanks to: UNITED & STOINKS for bass and guitar
Concert organised by Tang
Audience 460 people



Joe’s notes:

“Alive” has never been recorded. The song was written somewhere in 1994/95, we played it a few times, but when we started the process of recording Allure of Manure, we didn’t use this song. Why? Well, it could be we were not happy with it. Or because we found out just before recording that it sounded too much like a JAWBREAKER song, at least the main riff. We love Jawbreaker but we never set out to copy the band or the song, but gawd works in mysterious ways!

After writing, jamming and playing that song for at least two years, we heard a rare Jawbreaker song called “Equalized” (from Busy 7″ 1989) and it sounded almost the same! That stopped us from working on the song. Need to re-listen to see if that’s still true.

Also, as commented on facebook, listening to the tape, it reminds me that we were playing all these new songs: Hole, Payday, Happy, The Line, Our Voice/The Flag, THE SPECIALS’ cover Do Nothing and Alive. All of these songs, apart from Alive, we recorded two years later for the Allure of Manure mini-album in 1998. I’ve forgotten that we’ve already wrote these new songs between 1994-1996 . it was a period where we were waiting for the contract with VSP to run out so we could release the next album on our own. on hindsight, this shows that we were not that lazy after all! hahaha!

BRAYOK covering DUNG’s cover of HIJRAH/THE PILGRIMS’ “Johnny (Punk Not Death)”

Saya Kassim Selamat,
Ingin saya memohon,
Menjadi seorang,
Ahli Kelab Underground,

Stuff saya tak banyak,
Nanti saya kan cari,
Yang penting disini,
Nak join sekaki,

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,
Harapan kami tinggi,
Tolong, tolonglah kami
Harap hasrat kami, direstui!

(solo two verse)

Saya sudah lama,
Join pergi tengok gig,
Bila ada kaset,
Semuanya saya beli,

Wahai, Tuan Johnny,
Kami tidak mengerti,
Kenapa tak sediakan,
Borang ahli untuk kami?

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,
Janganlah rip-off kami,
Tolong, tolonglah kami
Terima kasih,
Punk Not Death!


THE SHITWORKERS – Live Tape Found!


Live tracks from two Shitworkers shows in 2000 found in a box of junk. The sound is good! Pretty intense stuff. We believe the first show is with ANNALISE (UK) when we supported then here in KL. The second live show could be a show we did with some others at a club in Ampang.

The Shitworkers were Joe – guitars/vocals, Fendi – bass and Bullet – drums. We didn’t play that many shows, so this tape is quite a find.

Will digitize and share soon.

Another Review of Inginku Rejam LP (A Pretty Late One!)

“”Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam!” nyata sebuah produk Punk Rock yang tulen karismanya, luhur pengisiannya, rebel secukup rasa: politikal, radikal & sinikal. Aura Punk DUNG terang benderang, jelas terpampang, teratur dan tidak sesekali berterabur. Inilah Punk Rock yang duduk, berdiri dan berlari dalam ertikata Punk sebenar! Riff gitarnya bermelodi ringkas, kedengaran keras, tersusun dalam aturan 3 atau 2 kord, sekali-sekala diselit solo gitar yang benar-benar menggambarkan tebalnya sifat berontak! Ditambah dengan nyanyian-nyanyian bertenaga dan bermesej, DUNG seakan mengajak pendengar untuk bangkit dan beranjak! Berubah untuk diri, merubah untuk semua! Mereka yang pasif mungkin melihat ini negatif, mereka yang masif pasti mengangkat ini positif. Ini kali-lah!”

- read the rest here: http://nfhzine.blogspot.com/2014/02/review-dung-cd2012.html

“No One Gets Out Alive!” teaser promo

Here a taste of the benefit single we’ve been working on. Final mix this week.

The Gibran Song Session #01

On Saturday 21st December 2014 Joe, Fendi & Bullet worked on a song written way back in 1996 and here’s a teaser: two minutes intro to the total six minutes.

The origins of the Gibran Song goes back to when Lee Pilgrims joined us as replacement for Shahlan in the mid-90s. It was also a time when many of us were deeply affected by books of Khalil Gibran’s poems and writings. Joe wrote the song, complete with lyrics and auditioned it to both Fendi & Lee at his house. We recorded the session with Joe on an electric guitar and singing with Fendi bashing lines on an acoustic guitar, while Lee do bits of backing vocals.

The band tried working on the song with our old drummer Ollie when we were constantly jamming at the small rehearsal studio on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar (across the railway line from Brickfields where we lived). Twice we tried to make sense of it but it didn’t work out. The song was then discarded and forgotten.

Somehow in the mid of 2000s, Joe found the recording and digitized it with the mind that it should be worked on and recorded properly. This only happened last Saturday at KerbauWorks.

At the moment, we are still working on it – some changes need to be done in terms of sections of the song, while the lyrics itself needs an overhaul.

Thanks for listening.

Pixs of us working at KerbauWorks:

Pixs from the In Solidarity Benefit Show

note: the show managed to raise RM 1070, thanks to all involved. The money was transferred to the Human First Collective for their relief work in the areas of Cukai, Kemaman and Kuantan.

pix by Äkim Halim:

Akim Alim DUNG

all these pixs by Zaty V Valelly: