Sunday, 18th July 1999: The 4 Bucks Gig @ Sri Pelangi Poolside Hall, Segamat

Joe Kidd


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  1. jcramones says:

    Very Fresh Underground stand for Very Fresh = Segar Amat, which is where Segamat got her name from.

  2. jcramones says:

    Sorry for the comment ulv. it was not organised by Boy & his brother-in-law alone, it was organised by us, a few bunch of kids (at that time) and we called ourselves Very Fresh Underground (VFUG) who loved the idea of DIY, rebel, punk etc, whom trying to uplift the spirit of Segamat scene at that time. We have little knowledge organising a gig at that time, but we learnt. Nobody has done that before i guess. Tickets sold at RM4 per entry and come with drinks.

    Do you think it’s profitable? No. we did that because we love the scene. Until now, i can still remember that each band got only RM10/person (rasa bersalah until now). But we learnt a lot. Luckily, boy’s brother in law owned the equipments and we didn’t need to pay a single cent for that.

    Oh yes. I was there when Dung did the setup. The equipments were late because the unavailability of lorry, which at that morning was used to transport rubber to the kilang.

    Again, sorry to you Joe and for the rest of the band, for the RM10/person token. Next time when we met, i’ll belanja lunch. Yes, it was a very unorganised gig, and we are sorry for all the inconvenience caused.

  3. ulv says:

    FYI, this is not “6strings of anger” gig. This is “4bucks” gig.

  4. ulv says:

    This is what we called “organizer goyang kaki”. Yes… Boy is an organizer, but he was busy “organize” his hair with his brother in-law and some chicks. He not spent any money, energy and idea. Who’s setup all the equipment when his crews on the lunch? You guys did setup, carry and load, it’s really embarrassing when I saw Carburetor Dung do all the thing. They organizer (Boy) still at home doin his dreadlock. and really embarrassing when other bands like The Dirty Dogs walking 2km to train station, while CDung having fun at Boy’s home, after the show. I still remember Lee’s said “This is the worst show that i ever play”.

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    terima kasih Dee! I’ll edit the post. kalau ada sapa-sapa ada flyer please send it over.

  6. dee says:

    “six strings of anger” gig, held at hotel sri pelangi poolside hall…too bad i cannot make it because i was in boarding school at that time.. 🙁

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