Sunday, 22nd August 1999: Hardcore Against Capitalism @ Hotel Garden, Batu Pahat

note: I can’t remember this show at all. old age gets you y’know! but we had Irman Hilmi (Damage Digital) on the other guitar. Line-Up: Lee – vocals (dreads!), Fendi -bass (mustache), Joe – guitar (in his favourite Seremban show t-shirt) and Ollie – drums (hidden).

UPDATES: “jhai alai n the jabs couldn’t make it that time and were replaced by the very young (now-famous) Overthrown” – comment by co-organiser on FB Jan 2nd 2013.

“Time ni NET x main, yg main Pasrah, ganti NET,” – Mohd Taufiq,on FB Jan 2nd 2013

*Basically, JHAI ALAI, THE JABS (both from Singapore) and N.E.T. (Johor) didn’t play the show. They were replaced by OVERTHROWN & PASRAH.

Pixs posted by Mohd Taufiq Saptri on his Facebook on Nov 10th 2009:






A pix posted on FB by Khairul Banjoe Faizal Khalid on Jan 9th 2013

Ollie & Joe with friends in Batu Pahat

Joe Kidd


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  1. nizang says:

    should be around the time c.dung played at dewan sri budi, k. trg

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