Sunday, 27th February 2000: The Shitworkers @ Sangki Salai’s Sunday Afternoon Live @ LaViva Carnival Pub, KL

this is supposed to be the third SHITWORKERS II show but we decided not to play because of a band deemed mainstream was also supposed to be playing. check out the explanation stated in the screen grab below.

*this is actually forgotten until found on the deleted SHITWORKERS website.

• KL February 27th 2000
with Aem Feat… / Fait-Accompli (Amid The Mimic w/o Pin) / Mass Separation / Love Me Butch / Odium / Prana / Sean Olsen / Seven Collar T-Shirt / This Is Your Enemy

at La Viva Carnival Pub, Ampang Park, KL

note: Organised by Winder. The Shitworkers DIDN’T PLAY due to last minute inclusion of Prana. Other bands who pulled out; Mass Separation & This Is Your Enemy.

Read the explanation:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.42.17 PM

**looking at it now, it’s looking like one rash and harsh decision by us. it was the years of finding our bearings I guess; connecting back to DIY ideals, but probably a bit too over-the-top!

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