Interview: February 9th 2001

Joe Kidd


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  1. jem says:

    boo hoo clapping song n mari nyanyi menjilat is good song.pad ex5 aku ada sticker carburator dung.. friends 4 friends..TN4412 at Rompin, Pahang

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Zul, good to know you’re reading this. Anyway, your writing is pretty confusing, epecially with no paragraphing. So I actually tried to make sense of it (for documentation sake) by editing the post. I stopped halfway now since I got a bit confused. Will try again and send it back to you for approval so I can post it back here a more coherent, understandable version; like I said, for the sake of documenting the more historical part of your posting.

    On to my replies:

    1. I gave all the RO tapes a listen those days but I didn’t like them. However at the same I decided not to say anything as I don’t want to dishearten you musicians. I have always had problems with “grunge” bands. I never liked Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and all that crap. Nirvana’s okay and Mudhoney is still excellent, but most local bands were just copying them and I’m afraid, RO was sounding like one of those copycats.

    Looking at it now, I think it was a mistake to not tell you how I feel about RO’s music. Anyway, too many bands stopped doing stuff after a few criticisms from well-meaning people. Too many people were/are being too precious.

    2. I thought Akta’s show at Paul’s was good, very different, pretty exciting. The problem was with the space. I can’t see what was happening as everyone was crowding over the band, which was not onstage. The strobelight thing was good too, especially in the dark.

    3. I thought a lot of the people liked the performance despite the lengthy soundcheck and and faulty equipment. The only problem was the time taken by the band, it went on and on, I remember, so it did tested some people’s patience and also fucked up the schedule. That’s what I remember from the show.

    And so, it’s not the style or the genre or the sort of music you guys play, i.e. it was not the method that has pissed off the kids. It was the time taken by the band.

    4. I don’t like all this whining by you, Zul. When you do something different, something that challenges the usual comfort zones, you should expect indifference, annoyance and plain dismissal from people whose perceptions you are trying to challenge. In fact, when you got such reactions it means that you have successfully managed to make them sit up and notice.

    Anyway, lets see the comments on the performance again:

    Comment by amir nanda | 2005/07/25 at 01:01:55

    just got back dari show. i have to comment something on akta angkasa. i’d just say they are a very promising outfit, non-typical in the scene. Here, i’m not going to comment on the music, but rather the lengthy setup. You guys took almost 2 hours to setup and soundcheck. that’s very primadonna-ish behaviour for a band that’s barely played, what… 10 gigs maybe?

    so many people complain and then finally lost interest and went out to talk cock/ makan kedai mamak tak sedap. not to mention people mingling and talking around during your set. that’s lost opportunity, man. from my point of view, what you guys are playing is akin to a performance art, and to be honest you need to do everything possible to attract people to see it. And guess what one of the most effective way is? yes, cut down on the setup time. i’m very, very sure with practise you guys can setup in paling lama pun 30 minit. roadie korang mcm ramai ape?

    respect goes to you guys for bringing every single thing you need to use. dalam scene kita ni pun ramai lagi dok pinjam strap and kabel gitar (’sapa ada metal zone? bole pinjam tak?’) so its refreshing to see an outfit that really is committed and dedicated in trying to represent their sound they way they feel it should be. kudos and keep up the good work

    here’s the one by me:

    Comment by dungboy|manureman | 2005/07/25 at 11:23:31

    I’m with Amir on Akta Angkasa. As much as I admire the ideas and tenacity of holding court right in the middle of the floor with a strobelight flashing, while the band members flit between utter cacophony and post-rock guitar wrangle, there’s a fine line between good well-played performance and utterly annoying wanking self-indulgence.

    The atmosphere created by the set-up was good. It’s something pretty communal and very rare but then the hesitated, unsure, unconfident nature of the band when moving from one song to another was really grating on the nerves.

    The band also didn’t know when to stop and so they kept on playing and playing even when the enthusiasm for it has evidently left the crowd. They overstayed their welcome, resulting in a lot of people, me included, going down to the street to talk cock, as Amir correctly pointed out.

    That said, I really would like to see the band again next time but hopefully without the unfortunate excesses and the unnecessary extra baggages.


    If you read those two comments again, you’ll see both of us were trying to encourage you guys. Both are constructive criticisms.

    Again, you are being too precious with your music. Give it a bit of slack. It was after all the band’s first show.

    I have to be honest, I don’t like pretensions. Which is why I said “there‚Äôs a fine line between good well-played performance and utterly annoying wanking self-indulgence”. This is a typical reaction (at least from me) when people attempt at playing something weird and unconventional. But of course, who can tell and judge? I go by my gut feeling, and that day I felt something not right.

    Anyway, if people don’t like it, then fuck them, y’know. You do what you want to do. If being “popular” and agreeable is so important to you, then play what the people want to hear and see. Play something safe and unchallenging. Be in that comfort zone, y’know and appeal to the masses.

    Like I said, “I really would like to see the band again next time” but yet I haven’t got the chance, maybe out of laziness or just purely economically-challenged.

    All in, don’t whine lah. Just go and do it bro! For me, Akta Angkasa is a worthwhile endeavour, way better than all those old grunge worship. Way more challenging than 95% of the bands we see around here. But of course, nothing is perfect, accept that and get over it.



  3. Zul says:

    Yupp… Before I play now with Akta Angkasa, I’ve pulled out in so many bands previously including this pretty earlier amateur namely Restricted Overripe. I was drumming for a band called ‘The Fossils’ back in ’95/96; went off disbanded after more than two years, feeling awkward & I continued my songwritings by started up a new band, and yes they’re Restricted Overripe. The old name was Disgusted Big Green, given by a friend of mine. But this time I do the vocals and play guitar as well. Played more deep grunge but yet typical – nothing special. Haha. I went to Joe Kidd’s house in ’98 and passed several rehearsals we’ve done back then. Some using ‘gitar tong’ recorded with my vintage hi-fi, & the last would be the most irritating noisy band demo recordings of the century, seriously. I don’t even remember was he ever listening to the tapes; well I guess not, did you? We were back with a proper recording in 2000, 7 or 8 songs completed; I do think it’s cool but I never release it until now. I hope I still keep it the way it should. Nope, Nizang… RO and Old Parasite were performed at the Grunge Fest, Colors on September 23rd, 2000 and it’s not 2001. The only RO’s live show ever. FYI, I spent a lot of my childhood then in Dungun, Terengganu (same as you Joe) since 1982/83, until I really moved to Kerteh in 1994. Kerteh was a heaven to me then. I grew up introducing local hometown to punk/hardcore, from junk trashy music to friendship to ethic, everything was great then until 2000 or 2001, the scene considers dead. Yupp, dead at all. At least by me, however. Perhaps, the last documentation from Kerteh is not-going-to-be-released(?) compilation consisting only 4 bands I believe. The master copy is safely with me. Recorded in 2001. I have no idea about Kerteh ever since. I moved on and later played in other bands including punk rawk geeks Uncle Tobie, Tim Yohannon, Fags and Stoned (sume pun dah takde lagi, including F&S says their end in JB last February – I was in for a session guitar jekk la Nizam), post-hardcore F.I.T.R.A.H in 2001 and several more bla bla… BTW I was into a lot of session musicianship indeed (until now), which I enjoy more rather than be serious in any committed band wuttsoever… Joe, I know, only ONCE; you saw us (Akta) at DxDx show in Paul’s – somehow remains the most overreacted crap performance ever, bad ideas of bringing own materials & equipments to freakin’ showbiz venue, unorganised outfit full of shit by put up the longest runner of set up & soundcheck wrack in history (yeah we won it!), and again bored crap music for all shitty ears – fucked off by whole bunch of raya DIY clueless mabok ke sober ke fuckhead & ‘metalcore’ scumbangs who can’t much appreciate ‘something’ in the scene practically… Hey why not be mistaken for more?! Well, you know wut, of too much bad shit throwning over – I don’t give a damn. I’m glad of all happenings, BTW the whole situation frustrated me with wut’s punk rock all about. Period. Haha. Jokes carry on. Yeahh, slightly in common with previous WMFM, Ando Natsu, Fuckchop, and the gang – experimental noise strongroom institution gauge, rite; but hey nothing when it comes to the structure of musical progression – No bull; we play punk music & they just noise. You got that? Well cool, it’s a healthy thing dude to at least compare with anything in the world you might familiar or noticed with, let’s say Akta with WMFM; a continuation? Are you serious? Which part? The noise thing..? Big predictable huhh, so now you on it… To hell with me, I’m not saying a word. It’s your think-wise, so be it. I just don’t give a damn. Okay, I’m not tends to white up any correction or reshining understandable compassion – July 24th ’05, Paul’s Place; Akta Angkasa or we failed 100% (or should I put more 110%?) to experience local punk/hc kids how a solid bold performing art (sound/visual/movement motivation) can be a good merge alongwith punk music & philosophy-ethical within a mass DIY productivity… In the end; a good motivation though, but yes a true fail outcome. So mesej x sampai la bro..! So wut’s the problem?? Yes, soalan cepumas. I’m fatigued of answering the same old Qs all over again, but I guess you know it; technically – Power source, sudden-error-to-functioning equipments, bla bla bla never ends… No, there were NO extra luggages as you’ve mentioned in Ricecooker last year. It just, they’re not working, suddenly and APPARENTLY! …Guess any bands here would try any hard to push drastic distinctiveness, losing great numbers of $$ and energy, researching what music to do best so; just to put out a great-sharing memorable live show ever – just for the sake of our future beloved ‘cold’ scene? Any bands? Tell me if there are. I do believe we’re not trying too hard to make so. People do exactly. So I leave it there. To be continued.

  4. nizang says:

    yeap, now he’s in Pattani working at syariah body or something there. At that time, he come back to Ktrg quite often. But not nowadays, i think.

    Specific Heat zine/distro was actually a Singapore-based zine/distro, done by Syikin (or now known as Kyn). She’s singing for My Precious now.

    While Fida’s zine was 90’s Choice. Both of the zines were among my favorites.

    Fida is now in Lyon, France. Married to Sebastian (or Seb) of We’re Gonna Fight zine/distro.

    Both have myspace, go search for it! Huhu!

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    Thanks Nizang.

    If he was living in KT why did he wrote using that Thai address? Weird. I was really exciting because it implied that there was something happening in Southern Thailand. I’ve been had! Hahaha! Maybe it’s a ploy to have me writing back ASAP! It worked!

    Oh, so I was wrong about Old Parasite, I mistook it for Restricted Overripe! I’ve seen Akta once. Pretty unique approach. A bit like a continuation of what Seremban’s WMFM (Wake Me For Meals) used to do but without the intense angst of “a boy done wrong” as potrayed by WMFM’s Anchoi.

  6. nizang says:

    i think the editor is Zapi Combat, who actually was living in Jln Kamaruddin (besides Rizal Fuzztival) house, KTrg. His zine name (which actually never released) was Green Communitas or something. Rizal helped him a lot with the zine making, but never came out…He used to come around to one of the jamming sessions held at the lat A//Mince studio/infoshop.

    I just met Rizal just now at my house who came with Zafran (Skitsofrenia) and we went for dinner. Rizal was always at my house last year borrowing my computer for his bro’s cafe/restaurant design stuffs. He’s still doing Fuzztival zine (good independent music zine, but never been distribute properly). Issue 3 is in the making with planned pro-printing. It’s not a riot grrrl zine, it’s an all-rounder music zine. But slow in the making like 1 issue per 1 or 2 years.

    The other zine he’s making (with 2-3 grrrl friends) is the Grrrl: Rebel which is coming to its issue 5 soon. It covers worldwide grrrl bands scene. And quite well-known out side too. Issue 4 was done pro-printedly.

    He’s also working on Amazon Planet comp. Vol 2 is coming out soon featuring Devil Dolls. This is a compilation of Grrrl bands worldwide. Vol 1 is still available i think (*protected email*). He’s crazy about Grrrl bands, if you go to his house u can find lotsa lotsa grrrl bands CDs and cassettes.

    Old Parasite was a 3-piece grunge band that i know in 1999. After a few years, Leji and his little bro, Iju moved and worked in Kuantan and reformed it as a 5 piece band playing Muse kinds of music. Just recently they disbanded.

    Zul was in another grunge band at that time. Restricted Overripe. Cool grunge band at that time. They played along with Old Parasite at one Grunge fest at Colors in 2001.

    Zul was the main man from Kerteh scene back then. Now, he’s playing with Fags And Stoned (NOFX style punk rock band) and Akta Angkasa (some people say like Sonic Youth sometimes)…

    ok, tata…huhuhuu!!

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