1993-2007 | Still Pissed After All These Years – Philippines Tour 2010 Compilation

Joe Kidd


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13 Responses

  1. ZUL says:

    AWESOME….Thks so much! :)

  2. Joe Kidd says:

    thanks victor, roddy & everyone. cheers.

    roddy, sorry if i’ve gone off the map regarding your release and the tour. will be writing to you as soon as the job eases up.

  3. Victor says:

    Hi! thanks for music, it’s perfect.
    When you will have next concert?

  4. mie says:

    thks 2 joe n co. all the song reminds all the goood n bad time when i was young.. .keep it up punks.:)

  5. Roddy Atomgevitter says:

    fantastic band, hope wecan play together in Malaysia :)

  6. Jan says:

    Ahh… this brings back memories… Been a follower since 92-93 (cant even remember haha). Lan Bear even replied my ‘fan’ mail at the time. Joe, I’m really desperate to get my hand back on the Circle Of Friends album. Need to hear Daffodils and all the other great songs on that album again… Can u help me out bro..?

  7. AZREEN HC says:

    since zaman sekolah menengah always Love your blast tune…
    good luck for Philipines TOUR julai 2010.

    (sedang men download boss….)

  8. ASWAT says:

    CARBURETOR DUNG…the name that is still standing strong and marching all the way through every challenges day by day, years by years… You guys really ROCKS!!!! Joe Kidd and his co. is all my heroes from my childhood until today… stand strong guys…!

  9. Love this! CARBURETOR DUNG in my heart!

  10. Joe Kidd says:

    not so rapunk but am so you gonna enjoy it. excuse the older stuff though, i cringe!

  11. Jason Rawpunk says:

    Thanks Jo and co, made my (wintery) day. Shoulg go down a treat salving over the computer at work tommorow!

  1. September 27, 2010

    […] good friend Subs stumbled upon a review of the CD-R (btw; still available as FREE download here). Apart from mistaking where DUNG is from and some of the song titles, the review is rather […]

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