Sunday, 12th June 2011 – DUNG & WORMROT @ Arjuna Studio, Temerloh

DUNG is joining WORMROT for a show in Temerloh. This will be our first time playing in the Patin City! So we are going to gorge ourselves with the best Patin Masak Tempoyak!

They played last night and I believe I’ve never seen a grindcore band so totally awesome!

Woo hooh!! Powah-Violenta Forevah!

Specially reformed for this gig boss! Had their demo but never seen them live. Hell, I can’t even remember how they sounded like!

waulanneee!! The old Kuantam heroes! Without Mat Ribis though, but hell, they have the motha-fakkin’ meny in the house!

scary shit boss!

never heard of them before but we’ll check them out.

12th June 2011
RM18, 1PM till the cows’ gone home.
Arjuna Studio, Temerloh Industrial park, Pahang

WORMROT will have tonnes of merchandise & DUNG will have a t-shirt to sell. Bring moolah!

See you there. Up the Patin Punx!

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