BLACKHOLE RADIO #9 – March 2012

Hafiz Bastard’s Radio Show out of Singapore features a song by DUNG, taken from the recently released Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″


Track List:

March 2012

Vivisick – Kaleidescope (Japan)
Abrasion – Blood and sweat (Singapore)
Geen Nam – The final divine (Malaysia)
Carburetor Dung – Semua sama semua bosan (Malaysia)
Pluto – Rust (Singapore)
Angkara – Darah merah (Malaysia)
Wound – tears and hate (Indonesia)
KKG – Land marks flag (Japan)
Diskangkung – Another oppressive system (Malaysia)
Fukk bar culture – Bandrekos is the bestos (Indonesia)


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