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i walk alone, i’m lonely… Videos and audio recordings of bands/acts doing a cover of our song Boo Hoo Clapping Song.

Boo Hoo by Mavis Dirty Project 0

Boo Hoo by Mavis Dirty Project

Mavis Dirty Project (Kuching, Sarawak) is fronted by our good friend Mavin. here’s him and the band playing Boo Hoo at a show in Bintulu on Dec 3rd. uploaded by MARVIN92334

Boo Hoo by DonCorleones 0

Boo Hoo by DonCorleones

a guitar and a drum-machine, with the strings dampened, as in “thrash metal” style uploaded by DonCarleones

Boo Hoo by Fadedface! 0

Boo Hoo by Fadedface!

Our first vocalist Shahlan has been quite active with his new band (the reformed) FADEDFACE and here they rendered Boo Hoo in their own way and faster too. uploaded by iscandarz What do we...

Boo Hoo by some band in Bintulu 0

Boo Hoo by some band in Bintulu

Exactly like the original recording, including the vocals & solos! Don’t know what band this is though, the tag says “The Boys of Bintulu” uploaded by MrArin68