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  • Brickfields, KL & The Early Malaysian Underground Music Scene

    Somewhere in mid-December last year, Ali Johan interviewed Joe for a special program on BFM about Brickfields, KL; and we talked about how the area became the home for many of us in the early “Malaysian underground music scene” – touching upon Jalan Scott, the 121-C house, the apartments in Jalan Ang Seng, Dari Jemapoh […]

  • DUNG interview with Time Out KL – The Unedited Version

    A tweet from the Time Out KL magazine dated 6th Dec pointed us to a web-version of an interview they did with Joe in mid-August. We checked it out and found out the interview had been severely edited, making it feel rather disjointed. It’s prolly a space-saving act for the printed version (which we haven’t […]

  • DUNG interview on Rice Factory On-Line Zine

    Yes, there’s another underground-related entity with “rice” in its name, not just Ricecooker! I found this out recently when the editor wrote in annoucing the zine’s on-line version. It’s quickly followed with a request for an interview and we did it today via email. I believe this is record time in getting the interview questions […]

  • Bullet’s interview on BFM is now on-line

    Our drummer was interviewed by local radio station BFM recently and here’s the link for you to listen or download: Bullet @ or you can just stream it here: Bullet@BFM – 25 minutes [audio:2010-06-13_That Music Show_Bullet_96k.mp3]

  • Interview: Joe by Sireh & Cengkeh

    go here for a lengthy interview by Syed Shahrul for the net magazine Sireh & Cengkeh (posted on their site on 7 September 2007) I remember the first gig that I went to. It was 1994. Plaza Kotaraya. We arrived early and the bands were still doing their usual routine. Sound check. That day we […]

  • Interview: February 9th 2001

    This is an interview I did for a fanzine based in Pattani, South Thailand.

  • Sabbel Fanzine #11, 2001

    found online. an interview with Joe, done by Ingo Rohrer’s Sabbel fanzine. the interview was done somewhere in year 2000. it’s translated and published in German. Ingo also featured DUNG in his compilation tape Where The Wildest Things Are, 2000, which was released with Sabbel #10 in 2000. details: Where The Wildest Things Are CARBURETOR […]

  • An Interview with Joe by Piss of Mine fanzine, July 1995

    An Interview with Joe by Piss of Mine fanzine, July 1995

    Joe’s interview done in July 1995 and appeared on PISS OF MINE #2 as posted on October 19, 2012 by Documentist This was an interview I did with Joe Kidd (Carburetor Dung, Zink, Shitworkers, Aedes Fanzine, Blasting Concept, Alternative Garage Entertainment & Ricecooker) back in July 1995 for my fanzine then Piss Of Mine #2. […]