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  • Mata Buta – An attempt at an explanation…

    A few years ago we wrote and recorded a simple song; a short, fast burst of a dirty ditty, heavy with exasperate anger. It’s called simply Mata Buta or roughly translated as “blind eye”, basically it means “blinded”. Many asked what the song is about. We believe it’s not something we need to explain, since […]

  • “It’s like you’re having a baby”

    “It’s like you’re having a baby”, said Bullet on my anxiety over the mix we did last night. Me, Fendi and him spent the Friday night and the whole of Saturday morning mixing the new recordings at our recently departed friend’s studio; a small room at the side of the AVXS office on Robson Heights. […]

  • Joe Can’t Sleep: Preparing for WPFD07

    Dang! It’s 2.30am and I have to wake at 8 tomorrow. Anyway, the band went for our first rehearsal since that Stick It To The Man show which now seemingly aeons ago. And for the 2nd time we again jammed at the super posh and snazzy AkarKarya Studio or Studio AkarKarya, which is located in […]

  • I Invented Punk

    “I invented punk. Everybody knows that. But I stole it from Greg Shaw, who also invented power pop. And he stole it from Dave Marsh, who actually saw Question Mark and the Mysterians live once. But he stole it from John Sinclair. Who stole it from Rob Tyner. Who stole it from Iggy. Who stole […]

  • TV9 Interview

    Joe was interviewed for a new TV show on the upcoming TV9

  • Back from the dead…

    Well, the band is still quite “dead” at the moment! But this site is up again after the quite disasterous change of server months ago. I somehow managed to reinstall the database a few hours ago but some links are still dead, while mp3 download links are still kaput. Will keep fixing this till it’s […]

  • ricecooker zine hacked!

    I found out earlier today that my online zine ricecooker was empty of articles! and the forum page defaced. Both have been hacked with my database probably hacked too. This is really upsetting. There are years of articles, reviews etc on that and to lose it all will big a huge tragedy. ricecooker is basically […]

  • Quake 2

    It was just after midnight, I was playing with one of my 8 cats, Baby, on the sofa when I felt like the sofa’s swaying.