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  • Terminal Escape blog on Carburetor Dung’s first two releases

    Terminal Escape blog on Carburetor Dung’s first two releases

    just seen this on Terminal Escape blog, which is a tape-only reviews webzine dealing with releases from around the world. Rob plays and used to play in these bands: Artimus Pyle, Conquest For Death, Fuckface, Laudanum, Malachi, No Statik, Opt Out, Ritual Control, Sterile Mind, Suicide Bomb, Vaccuum, What Happens Next?, etc. He also contributes […]

  • Another Review of Inginku Rejam LP (A Pretty Late One!)

    Another Review of Inginku Rejam LP (A Pretty Late One!) reviewed Inginku Rejam album.


    Finally Collective Zine UK reviewed our Inginku Rejam 10″. Much thanks! Carburetor Dung Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam Year Released: 2012 Format: 10″ Label: FAMED Reviewed by Alex Deller This is the first long(ish) release from a Malaysian band who’ve been around for a while yet seem to have precious few releases to their name, and […]


    A pretty standard one-para review from RAZORCAKE zine in the US: CARBURETOR DUNG: Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam!: 10” “Hardcore punk that sounds more influenced by ‘77 punk than hardcore. The bits on this record that remind me of Black Flag equally remind me of Wire. For the most part, they honestly don’t sound much like […]


    note: one of the best reviews we ever had really. just like the MRR review (see below) this guy listened through the album and listened intently enough to pick-up certain things other reviewers would usually miss and dismiss. seeing that PE is usually more of a crust-biased zine, we actually hesitated to send this to […]

  • We made the MRR Top Ten!

    The girls at MRR like us! Nice!


    Germany’s old zine OX, issue 100 (Feb/march 2012): judging by the machine-translation through babelfish; this is not much of a review but more like a run-down on other stuff related to the album. And there’s a mention of us being “crust” which is kinda “hmmmmmmm” go here:


    A review of the 10″ version of the new album by Maximum RocknRoll #347, April 2012. (click on image to enlarge and read) *note: we recorded the album live but in a studio, not at a show. the reviewer may have thought otherwise. anyway, it’s a good review, so no complaints! “CARBURETOR DUNG “Inginku Rejam […]

  • Mabukkuasa 3-Way Split-CD Review #01

    The first review of the MABUKKUASA CD featuring MDC (Millions of Dead Cops), THE BOLLOCKS (our Tom’s other band) and DUNG as appeared in Maximum RocknRoll issue #344, January 2012: V/A – “Mabukkuasa” CD This is an interesting release, as MDC paired with a duo of legendary Malaysian punk bands. The MDC material is split […]

  • Inginku Rejam 10″ – Review #02

    The second review we found for the Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″, this time from PLASTIC BOMB Fanzine in Germany as posted on their site HERE, dated Dec 28th 2011. According to Google Translate: “Exotic punk / hardcore from Malaysia! And what … what?! The band has its own style. The pieces have a very […]