DUNG Lyrics (1992 till now)

Here you could find lyrics to all our recorded songs so far – warts and all. Some of these dated back to early 1992, when we were very young and pretty, naive and earnest – yet to be broken in by the big bad world.

Reading through the list 20+ years later, I can’t help but cringe at a few, laugh at some and feeling rather proud of several.

We try to feature a video or streaming track to accompany the lyrics and as I type this down, all the songs from our 1993 debut album “Songs For Friends” now feature a clip from YouTube for you to listen and maybe singalong! 🙂

The list of songs is there on the right sidebar >> (if you’re on a laptop) or down below (if you’re on mobile phones). Enjois! JK

8 responses to “Lyrics”

  1. hi carburetor dung…saya dari sabah..big fan of yours..ahaha…by the way…how to get your stuff to diastribute here in borneo..??

  2. hai2x….i salute carburetor dung..leh tak minta chord lagu slam safe today n liar? ehehe..aku d brunei nie payah nak cri album2 macam mana nak dapat u all punya album?

  3. emmm…baru ni abg saya kasik dgr lagu carburetor dung..gile best… paling saye suke lagu boo hoo clapping…so,kalau bleh,nak mintak kord ngan lirik lagu Boo Hoo Clapping…Hehehe…

  4. saya peminat setia kumpulan kamu.saya mahu mengenali kumpulan anda dengan lebih terperinci lagi.kalau tidak keberatan saya ingin meminta lyrics lagu kamu yang bertajuk “carburator dance”

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